It’s an American classic design that began about 100 years ago. The Arts & Crafts movement in architecture, interiors and furniture was a drastic change from the previous Victorian era of busyness and excessive ornamentation.

What does Arts & Crafts style mean? The use of woodwork repeated as horizontal lines or squares, but still having volume. Nothing dainty here. For colors: earthy tones like moss green, amber, rose colored reds, tan, and dark dark brown. For materials: limestone, brick, ceramic, colored glass, oak flooring and woodwork, and iron.


The repetition of geometric shapes such as the mantle brackets in the above picture and the arrows in the stained glass window below bring a sense of order, yet simplicity.


The staircase shown below features classic Arts & Crafts elements: plentiful use of oak, symmetry of design, repeating squares, coffered wood ceiling.

No matter what your personal taste in homes is, you’d probably agree Arts & Crafts design is warm, cozy, and “homey”. What is your favorite style of home or interior?

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