All About the Kids!

Whether it is commercial design or residential design, there is no denying that I love designing spaces for young children and teens.  While in school, I have designed a pediatric office, an upscale children’s clothing boutique and a toy store. Of all the projects I completed while in school, these were my favorites.
What I love about designing for kids is that through interior design, I can become a kid again myself – allowing my imagination to run wild. I am not alone in realizing the possibilities when it comes to designing spaces for children either and apparently, there are some pretty lucky kids out there!
Check out these fantastic kid oriented designs from I bet they will even make you wish you were a kid again!







Mary Thompson is an Interior Designer Intern at Van Nice Design. She will be graduating this spring from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division’s accredited Interior Design Bachelor Program. If you are in need of good ideas or an interior designer for your home or business, contact Mary, or Patrick at: 515-689-8612, or email us at, or

Coffee or Tea?

What wakes you up in the morning? Coffee or tea?

A great way to stay ahead of the curve is by creating an always-ready, stocked drink station. Finding a nook to display your packets, pouches, and beans will keep your guests and yourself happy, especially anyone who desperately needs an early-morning dose of caffeine. Check out these creative ideas from on how to pull it off.









Caitlin Schlader is an Interior Designer at Van Nice Design. She is a graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. While her primary emphasis was in Interior Design she also acquired a minor in Entrepreneurship. If you are in need of good ideas or an interior designer for your home, contact Caitlin or Patrick at: 515-689-8612, or email us at  or

Christmas Decorating

It is time! Time to bring holiday cheer.

Where laughter and joy seem to immensely appear.

With beautiful colors of reds and greens,

White, gold, silver, and everything in between.

Dress up your tables, railings, mantle and tree,

Adding ornaments, lights, ribbon and sparkle with your family.

Check out pictures from,

Which I may have to say are the bomb!

So pop the bottle of wine or champagne,

Look for hours because there are many ideas you will obtain.

We hope you have a wonderful time decorating for this time of year,

You have officially one week until the holiday is here.

Merry Christmas from Van Nice Design,

We hope you all have a safe and jolly good time!